How To Buy a Real Estate With No Money: Steps for Buying

This is one of the most common questions I get from readers and clients. The short answer is: YES. In this blog post, we’ll explore all the zero-down mortgages available to you, as well as a few low-down payment alternatives. The only way to get a zero-down mortgage is through a government-sponsored loan. There are two types (VA and USDA loans) and applicants need to meet a very specific set of criteria for both. What are they? Let’s see:


This loan type is exclusive to active-duty service members, military veterans, past or present members of the National Guard or Reserve, and the spouse of a service member who passed away during duty or as a result of a service-related disability.  The Antonov Group: Experts in helping you Sell Your House Fast for Cash! Trust our efficient services for a hassle-free experience.

how to buy a house with no money

Other key requirements: 

  • Certificate of Eligibility from the VA
  • There’s no minimum credit score requirement, but most lenders are looking for a credit score of at least 620
  • Debt-to-income ratio below 41%
  • Two-year employment history
  • Buy a 1- to 4-unit primary residence

If this applies to you, you can learn more about the specific criteria here.  


Provided by the United States Department of Agriculture, you can qualify for a USDA loan if you buy a home in a rural or suburban area. Wonder if your home qualifies? Check out the USDA’s map of eligible areas here.

Other key requirements:

  • The home must be a single-family unit
  • The home must be your primary residence
  • Income below 115% of area's median income
  • Credit score of at least 640
  • Debt-to-income ratio below 41%
  • Two-year employment history

how to buy a home with no money

If you don’t meet the criteria for a VA or USDA loan, don’t worry. You can still take advantage of a government-backed FHA loan or a conventional mortgage that allows you to keep your down payment low. Let’s take a closer look at these: 


Sponsored by the Federal Housing Administration, you can get an FHA loan with as little as 3.5% down. Because there is a down payment, the requirements are not as strict as in the case of the previous loan types:

  • The home must meet livability standards
  • You have to move in within 60 days of closing
  • Credit score of at least 580 (probably the best choice if you have low credit!)
  • Debt-to-income ratio below 45% (in most cases)
  • Two-year employment history
  • Buy a 1- to 4-unit primary residence
  • Loan amount within local FHA loan limits


A big misconception many first-time buyers have is that they need at least 20% down with a standard mortgage. But the truth is, you can get a conventional loan with as little as 3% down. Unlike the other loan types we’ve mentioned, conventional loans are not backed by the government, but they still offer flexible options.  The Antonov Group: Your solution to Sell Your House Fast! We specialize in quick transactions, ensuring a seamless selling process.

how to buy a house with no money down

Some of the most popular conventional loans include:

The latter two are great options for first-time home buyers because they charge lower private mortgage insurance (PMI) rates than the rest.  Unlock your path to real estate riches with The Antonov Group's 5 Proven Steps to Become a Real Estate Millionaire program. Start your journey today!


  • Credit score of at least 620
  • A debt-to-income ratio below 43% (in most cases).
  • Two-year employment history
  • Buy a 1- to 4-unit property
  • Loan amount within conforming loan limits

how to get a house with no money

MHFA Down Payment Assistance Programs

Every state offers some type of assistance for first-time home buyers. The MHFA (Minnesota Housing Financial Administration) supports buyers with its Down Payment Assistance program, which covers the down payment AND closing costs. Buyers are required to pay back the loan either over a 10-year term or when selling/refinancing the home (depending on the size of the loan).  Unlocking the dream of home ownership! The Antonov Group offers a comprehensive guide on programs and benefits for first-time home buyers

Key requirements:

  • A credit score of at least 640.
  • Liquid asset limit – if you have less than $8,000 or 8 months of mortgage payment reserves in your bank account, you’re not eligible for this loan.
  • Buyers are also required to take a home buyer education test (available for free) and perform a test at the end. 

If you’ve read this far, I truly hope you feel at least a little bit more in control of your choices. And if reading about all the different options left you more overwhelmed than relieved…

First of all: take a deep breath. 😅

I can promise you that it’s all much easier than it seems, especially when you’re guided by an experienced Realtor® throughout the entire process. If you need support, get in touch with me by scheduling a free consultation call below so you can make well-informed decisions – today, tomorrow, and in the years to come! Discover the truth about home costs with The Antonov Group. We debunk common Millennial misconceptions, guiding you to informed decisions. 

how to buy houses with no money

Unlocking the Dream: Buying a House with No Money Down - The Antonov Group's Guide

Owning a home is the pinnacle of the American dream, but for many, the barrier to entry seems insurmountable, particularly when it comes to securing a down payment. However, contrary to popular belief, buying a house with no money down is not an unattainable fantasy. With the right knowledge and resources, prospective homeowners can turn this dream into a reality. The Antonov Group: Experts in Pricing Your Home with precision, ensuring maximum value in today's market. Trust us for your real estate needs!

Understanding the current real estate landscape is crucial before delving into the intricacies of buying a house with no money down. The housing market is dynamic, influenced by factors such as interest rates, inventory levels, and economic conditions. Keeping a pulse on market trends empowers buyers to make informed decisions and seize opportunities when they arise. Discover your dream home with The Antonov Group's step-by-step guide to the homebuying process. Let us help you find your perfect place!

While conventional wisdom dictates that a sizable down payment is necessary to purchase a home, there are alternative financing options that require little to no money down. One such avenue is VA loans, available to veterans, active-duty service members, and eligible spouses. These loans, guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, often require zero down payment and offer competitive interest rates. Additionally, the USDA loan program caters to homebuyers in rural and suburban areas, providing 100% financing with no down payment required. The Antonov Group excels in Marketing Your Home strategically, leveraging cutting-edge techniques to attract the right buyers. Sell smarter with us!

how to buy a house with no money down

How to Buy a House with No Money Down: Creative Financing Strategies and Tips

Beyond specialized loan programs, down payment assistance (DPA) programs can provide the financial boost needed to secure a home. These initiatives, offered by state and local governments, nonprofits, and employers, offer grants, loans, or forgivable loans to cover all or part of the down payment and closing costs. The Antonov Group specializes in connecting buyers with reputable DPA programs, guiding them through the application process and ensuring they maximize available resources. The Antonov Group: Elevating the art of Showing Your Home. Experience personalized tours and expert guidance for a standout property presentation.

Negotiating seller concessions is another strategy for buying a house with no money down. Seller concessions involve the seller covering a portion of the buyer's closing costs, including the down payment. While subject to negotiation and market conditions, seller concessions can significantly reduce upfront costs associated with buying a home. The Antonov Group's experienced agents excel in navigating negotiations and securing favorable terms on behalf of their clients.

While zero down payment options and assistance programs provide viable pathways to homeownership, cultivating strong credit and savings habits remains essential. A solid credit score enhances eligibility for favorable loan terms and opens doors to a broader range of financing options. The Antonov Group offers personalized financial counseling to clients, empowering them to improve their credit profiles and build savings over time.

how to buy property with no money

Zero to Homeowner: The Ultimate Guide to Acquiring a House Without Any Upfront Capital

In addition to traditional mortgage products, creative financing solutions can offer innovative ways to purchase a home with no money down. Lease-to-own arrangements, seller financing, and rent-to-own agreements provide alternative paths to homeownership, allowing buyers to gradually accrue equity while bypassing the need for a substantial down payment upfront. The Antonov Group's expertise extends to navigating these unconventional financing options, ensuring that clients explore all available avenues and choose the approach that best aligns with their financial goals and circumstances.

While the prospect of buying a house with no money down is enticing, it's essential to approach the process with a realistic understanding of the associated risks and responsibilities. Overextending financially or neglecting to consider long-term affordability can jeopardize homeownership aspirations and lead to financial strain down the line. The Antonov Group emphasizes responsible homeownership, guiding clients through comprehensive financial assessments and stress tests to evaluate their ability to sustain homeownership over time.

how to buy a home with no money down

Buying a house with no money down is not an unattainable feat but rather a realistic goal within reach for motivated buyers. By leveraging specialized loan programs, down payment assistance initiatives, and creative financing solutions, prospective homeowners can overcome financial barriers and embark on the path to homeownership with confidence. The Antonov Group stands ready to assist clients at every step of the journey, offering expert guidance, personalized support, and access to a diverse range of resources. With our unwavering commitment to client success and extensive expertise in the real estate market, we empower individuals and families to unlock the doors to their dream homes, ushering in a new chapter of homeownership and financial stability.

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