How To Get a New Roof For FREE (When Buying a Home)

Did you know that checking for hail damage during the inspection process can save you thousands of dollars?

get a new roof by checking hail damage when buying a house

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That’s right. 

Hail damage is very common in Minnesota and most homeowners are unaware they even have it (not everyone climbs roofs everyday). Discover the ultimate guide to navigating The Antonov Group's expertise on the pros vs cons of renting and selling properties.

Roofs are expensive to repalce and hail damage is not easy to spot.

Getting a Roof Inspection

Why should this matter to you, the home buyer?

Because it can be a massive expense in the future if you purchase a home with a damaged roof (that may seem fine on the outside). That’s why it’s crucial to hire a certified inspector or roofing specialist to help you find any damage. They’ll not only provide a detailed report with pictures but also estimate the cost of repairs or replacement.  Discover cost-saving strategies with The Antonov Group's expert tips on efficient real estate construction, maximizing savings without compromising quality. 

And if you are buying a home in Minnesota, there is a high chance that the home seller you are working with might be able to cover roof replacement.

How Does Hail Damage Look Like?

They spot hail damage by looking for the following:

✅ Dents on metal vents or gutters

✅ Chipped or cracked shingles

✅ Bruised or soft spots on shingles

✅ Granule loss on shingles

✅ Damage to siding or windows

Negotiate Roof Replacement

If there’s damage found, they simply present the report to the seller and THIS is where you can leverage a golden opportunity! The seller may agree to cover the entire cost of the repair, saving you THOUSANDS of dollars.

I have personally negotiated multiple roofs for my clients with this strategy....and it works! I've been able to get dozen of new roofs for my home buyers and most sellers have cooperated with us!

EXTRA TIP: Don’t forget to check if the homeowner’s insurance covers hail damage. If it does and they file a claim, you could even get a brand-new roof that’s fully covered by their insurance company! 😉

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