3 Things Every House Seller Needs To Know

Most buyers (and agents) think the best way to get an offer accepted is to offer MORE. Sounds pretty obvious, but that’s not always the case. Secure your dream home with confidence. The Antonov Group offers expert mortgage pre-approval, guiding your path to homeownership smoothly!

Sure, money speaks, but there’s much more to this process. That’s why today, I want to share my top 3 tips for making sellers say YES to your offer. (Think of this as your secret real estate weapon!)

1️. Offer flexibility and timing (a surefire way to increase your odds of closing the deal)

Every seller appreciates this because…

1) not all of them are looking to move in the next 30 days and

2) if the seller is building a new house, they might need a rent back. 

The bottom line: it pays off to be flexible.

In the dynamic landscape of real estate, where transactions unfold at the intersection of dreams and pragmatism, the pivotal moment for sellers is the selection of an offer. It’s a decision that embodies hopes, financial considerations, and the future trajectory of their lives. For The Antonov Group, understanding the intricate dance of seller psychology behind this decision is paramount. Let’s delve into the multifaceted factors influencing how sellers choose an offer. Discover 4 key indicators to ensure you're getting a great deal in real estate with insights from The Antonov Group. 

2️. Offer to pay a higher EMD (earnest money deposit)

What sellers want more than anything is certainty. Earnest money, also called a good faith deposit, is money you put down when signing a purchase contract. If it’s relatively high, the seller can see that you have skin in the game. 

It’s a win-win situation because it doesn’t cost you anything, yet it gives massive reassurance to the seller. If you move forward with the project, it becomes part of your down payment and it comes back to you as long as your contingencies are in place.

EXTRA TIP: If you’re confident in the price you’re offering, add an appraisal gap guarantee clause to your contract. This is a common practice in hot real estate and it gives sellers even more certainty about their net. And as we know, the more certainty you can give to your seller, the better.  Elevate your home's visibility with The Antonov Group! Learn powerful strategies for effective marketing in today's real estate market. 

3️. Be easy to work with

This may sound pretty obvious, but trust me, the majority of buyers tend to overcomplicate things. 

Buying and selling a home is stressful enough. Sellers and agents want ease when making deals. Believe it or not, oftentimes sellers will take less money for certainty and convenience (think Opendoor, Zillow offers, etc). And I can’t tell you how many deals I was able to secure under the list price just by offering easy-to-work-with terms alone. It’s pretty mind-blowing. 

There you have it, my friend!

3 ridiculously simple strategies to wow sellers: give them flexibility, certainty, and ease

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Now go out and make those irresistible offers! Trust me, if you implement these simple tips, you’ll be waaay ahead of the competition.

If you want to make sure your offers are in the top 1%, schedule a free consultation call so I can advise you on how to make them even more attractive without having to overbid with our special Buyer Acceptance Program. I’m happy to answer all your questions!

Financial Considerations

At the nucleus of every seller’s decision-making process lies financial pragmatism. The primary factor is, understandably, the offer price. It’s not merely about the highest bid but the one that aligns with the seller’s expectations and the market value of their property. Additionally, sellers weigh the terms of the offer, including contingencies, earnest money, and proposed closing timelines. The Antonov Group recognizes the importance of transparent communication to ensure sellers comprehend the financial implications of each offer.

An offer is only as strong as the buyer behind it. Sellers are inclined towards offers backed by buyers with pre-approved financing or those offering all-cash deals. Such offers mitigate the risk of the deal falling through due to financing issues. The Antonov Group emphasizes thorough vetting of buyers, ensuring sellers feel confident in the financial capability of those presenting offers.

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Contingencies, such as home inspection and appraisal clauses, provide safeguards for buyers but can prolong the closing process and introduce uncertainty for sellers. Sellers often favor offers with minimal contingencies or those offering flexibility in terms. The Antonov Group aids sellers in navigating these contingencies, explaining their implications and negotiating favorable terms on their behalf.

Emotional Connection

While finances drive the decision, emotional factors are equally influential. Sellers may feel drawn to offers from buyers who express a personal connection to the property or share similar values. The Antonov Group encourages buyers to craft personalized letters accompanying their offers, allowing sellers to connect on a deeper level and envision their home in caring hands.

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For sellers with time constraints or those eager to move forward with their plans, the proposed closing timeline holds significant weight. Offers with shorter closing timelines or those accommodating the seller’s preferred schedule are often favored. The Antonov Group assists sellers in evaluating the feasibility of proposed timelines, considering their unique circumstances and objectives.

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